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1960 - 1970 Continued

Two years later the 7th exhibition was described in the local press.

'The first impression received by the visitor to the Bramhall Art Group annual exhibition is one of colour and gaiety, which reflects the enthusiasm of these ladies under the direction of Pamela Richardson.'

The paintings on show included some by two 'guest artists', Eileen Simpson, who is still a member today and Peter Shaw.  A small exhibition of hand built ceramics by Gillian Shaw also featured.

Mr R D Sheppard The Bramhall Art Club's first male member at the 10th Annual Art Exhibition

The group was recognised for producing a high standard of work and in 1982, the exhibition was opened by the artist Ian Grant who was at the time Vice President of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

In these early years all the members were ladies, although there was never a ladies only rule.  Perhaps it was more the case that in those times retired men weren't attracted to painting as a hobby.  The first man to feature was Mr. R. D. Sheppard, who exhibited at the 10th annual exhibition in 1977. 

He remained a member for many years.

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