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  1960 - 1970


Originally known as Bramhall Art Club, Bramhall Art Society was established as a section of the Bramhall Village Club in the 1960's.  The exact start date is unknown, but the earliest records from September 1971 show that there were 21 members led by Mrs Nora Green.

In the early years, morning and afternoon classes with a resident tutor were held every Wednesday.  Pamela Richardson, who was also a member of the group, taught classes in the early 1970's.  Other regular tutors included Anna Garton, Rosemary Stubbs, Iola Spafford, Peter Shaw and John Henshall.

From the start, the highlight of the year was the annual exhibition and the ealiest record we have is for the 5th exhibition held in June 1972.  The event has been run every year since until the recent interruptions caused by the pandemic.

The invitation from the 1972 exhibition, described the event as 'An Exhibition of Paintings by Local Artists'.  There were 183 visitors with 77 paintings on display. 

One of those involved was June Bevan, who remained a member of the society

for 50 years until her recent retirement.

May 1973 Stockport Advertiser report on the Bramhall Art Club's 6th Annual Exhibition

May 24, 1973  A newspaper article printed in the Stockport Advertiser, about the  6th Annual  Art Exhibition,

is the earliest newspaper record of our exhibitions.         

Bramhall Art Club Archives

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