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1980 - Current

By the mid1980's it had become increasingly difficult to find tutors able to commit to teaching the group throughout the year.  It was also realised that the influence of a regular teacher tended to discourage members from exploring new avenues, so in 1987 the format of the club changed to more imformal sessions with occasional artists' demonstrations and workshops arranged throughout the year.  This pattern of activities has continued to the present day.

Bramhall Art Club tutored session early 1980s

Also in 1987 the group adopted the name of 'Bramhall Art Society'.

The present membership are a mix of professional and amateur artists who work in a range of media and styles and whilst no longer arranged as a tutorial the meetings provide opportunities to learn and improve through mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

The society is run by a committee of volunteers comprising Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus other members who organise events throughout the year and dedicate time to the smooth running and development of the society.

Organised activities include demonstrations by professional artists, workshops such as portrait painting and in the summer an outdoor painting day - weather permitting, when we visit a local place of interest or beauty spot.  Some members enjoy Plein Air painting throughout the year and there are links to several urban sketching groups on our links page.

The highlight of the year is still the Annual Exhibition, held over three days in April to showcase members' work and promote the activities of the Society.  On display are around 160 framed and 200 unframed paintings, all new and original work available for purchase.  Visitors are invited to vote for their favourite painting with the winning picture featured on the cover of the following year's exhibition catalogue.  in recent years, a display of members' sketchbooks has proved to be very popular feature of the exhibition.

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